Why do I need a Senior Move Manager?

Moving is difficult and time-consuming for everybody, especially older adults. Our experienced senior move managers are professionally trained in how to efficiently manage later life transitions. We handle all aspects and details of moving to relieve you and your family from all of the stresses and anxiety involved. 

Can I pick and choose which services I need?

Absolutely! You are the ultimate decision-maker on what services you want provided. We perform large jobs and small jobs and are happy to work with you on whatever you may need.

Couple packing Mindful Home Transitions Senior Moving

I am looking for just a regular move. Do you do those?

Yes! Even though we do specialize in senior moving, we do service others who may need assistance moving. 

This is one of the most common statements we hear from family members. It is extremely difficult for anybody to accept change, especially moving from their cherished home. It takes time and conversation but most become more comfortable with the decision when they are able to tour and view the other options available to them.

My parents need to move but are having a hard time coming to terms with it.

Smiling elderly couple Mindful Home Transitions Senior Moving