A Senior Move Manager will meet with you for a FREE consultation to discuss options and evaluate how we can best assist you.


Our managers will create a plan for the moving process. We assist with floor planning, sorting items and assist with utility and mail changes. Photographs will be taken to replicate your space and provide you an immediate feeling of home.


Our team will professionally pack and load your possessions with your move manager supervising every step of the way. Boxes and materials will all be provided for.


Once your possessions have arrived our team will unpack and situate everything just how it was. All boxes will be removed and finishing touches applied. We are not done until you're completely satisfied.

What if you could move and not have to lift a finger?

With Mindful Home Transitions you can! 


We offer safe and secure moving services, assuring your belongings are safely transported to your chosen destination.



Many people aren't looking to move from their cherished home but need accommodations to their changing needs. We will help downsize and consolidate floors, rooms, storage areas or other spaces.


Guided by your needs and demands our staff will efficiently and carefully pack and unpack your possessions. Everything will be handled with care.


Sometimes all that is needed is some  organizing and cleaning to help maximize the space you have or prepare for selling. We will help with excessive clutter, selecting items for selling, donation or disposal. 


Once your belongings begin arriving, our team starts arranging everything to its proper location. Beds will be made, pictures hung, clocks set and electronics all connected. 


Selling a home? Our team will take care of any minor repair and update you may need to stage your home.

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Comprehensive Services

  • Space planning

  • Sort, categorize and organize items

  • Downsize

  • De-clutter

  • Customizing floor plans

  • Packing and labeling

  • Unpack and settling in

  • Document organization

  • Furniture placement

  • Utility account transfer

  • Forwarding mail

  • Assistive technology assistance

  • Donation management

  • Disposal management

  • Prepare home for staging

  • Touring senior communities

  • Artwork placement

  • Electronics set up

  • Shipping items to family

  • Cleaning services

  • Last-minute shopping needs

  • Professional moving

  • Senior moving

aging in place


Aging in place services provides you the ability to live more comfortably in your current home. New services as well as technology make independent living much more realistic. We will assess your physical capabilities along with  your home environment to determine modification we can make to give you a more comfortable life. We are able to provide solutions such as kitchen modifications, grab bars for the bathroom, incline ramps, medical and family alert services and many more! Safety is the number one priority and you can count on Mindful Home Transitions to help you stay as safe and independent as possible.

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